Store online for the presses

Store online for the presses

Our stores online allow you creates products and limitless combinations that allow to calculate the price of automatic form.

Design Web for the presses that want to sell by Internet.

Store online functional, comfortable and easy to use.

This solution offers flexibility, control on the design and the content of the Web to sell at any time and in any place.

  • Product catalogue online with purchase car.
  • Personalizables products
  • System of load of archives for the client once has bought
  • Advanced manager of characteristics
  • Impacts of basic price
  • Impacts of price by units
  • Impacts of price by surface
  • Personalisation of slider in cover
  • WebPay integrators Extra, Paypal, Servipag, khipu.
  • System of sale administrator Web of clients and orders.
  • Administrator Web of catalogue, products and content.
  • We position its website in the first positions of Google.
  • Service of Web hosting according to its needs.
  • Attention and customized service.

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Customized design.

Projects with its own personality, that transmits the values of the brand.

100% Administrable one.

It in line has the total control of his store through his Control Panel.

Product catalogue.

It manages all products and categories in the same place.

Management of clients.

It takes to a registry of the orders of your clients and information.

Management of prices.

When creating a product you add simple rules that interact to each other to determine the price.

Management of orders.

It processes the ask and mant©n informed your client in the process.


It takes a registry of your store in a single place: visits, orders, references and more.

Systems of payment.

Webpay, Paypal, khipu, Servipag, banking Transference.

Forms of shipment

Configuration of tariffs of office by price/volume/carrier.


Administrative panel Comfortable and easy to use.

He verifies the easy thing that its catalogue turns out load from products to sell online.

Intuitive interface

It administers, it updates and it publishes products, services, clients, content and much more with back-office powerful and easy to use.

Data analysis

Obt©n an instantaneous vision of your business thanks to unique statistics and analyses.

Self-managing store online responsive

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