Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Important on its legal rights and resources.

Terms and conditions

Design Web

The CLIENT contract the services of WEBSEO, where the CLIENT will have to provide with the necessary information to the designers designated for the elaboration of the website.


WEBSEO counts of a maximum term of 15 days to make an advance or proposal to the CLIENT. The time will begin as of the moment at which the information necessary to begin the site has been sent. The costs associated of sent by email or charges, are of responsibility of the client.


Concluded the elaboration of the design of the webpage, the CLIENT will have to previously approve it before his publication in the domain chosen by the CLIENT. This he will have access to the webpage, through a direction hides that it will be a beta version of the site. The CLIENT will have to approve it, to reject it or to ask for modifications, previous conversation with the designer in charge of the site. The CLIENT will have to communicate the modifications formally. The approval will take to effect by means of the express acceptance of the webpage, which will be able to happen by any means. Once approved or published, the CLIENT will have permissions of software administrator of administration of the site, to modify the contents of the page without cost some. The CLIENT accepts that any modification subsequent to the approval of the page and therefore, gives, will have an additional cost previous quote. * the number of modifications will depend on the plan selected by the client. All the modifications that exceed the contemplated thing by the detail the page will have an extra cost. This cost will be communicated the CLIENT previously.
It is responsibility of the CLIENT to realise the endorsement of his website once given website.


The prices expressed in the webpage, are expressed without IVA. The amounts will be cancelled in 2 quotas of equal value. First 50% will be cancelled to begin with the process of the website. Once the website is approved by the CLIENT, this will have to cancel 50% rest. Subsequent to that, WEBSEO, will raise the page the Web, will create the decided accounts of mail and other Annexes. As well as, the delivery of invoices, will subsequent to be realised the payment of the total.


The CLIENT is the absolute person in charge of the lack ferocity of the page. In case of a redesign or of the intervention of one of the WEBSEO designers, a previous quote will be realised to evaluate changes. For this same reason WEBSEO it offers a qualification of Software de Administraci³n de Contenidos, at the time of giving a project.


In case the CLIENT is not in agreement with the development of the proposals and indicates his intention to finish the services, THEY WILL NOT BE REALISED ANY TYPE OF RETURN.

Shared Hosting and servers

It is free decision of the client to continue or not with the services of design, development Web and HOSTING or to finalize the services when it considers advisable. WEBSEO does not give endorsements of webpages since these are exclusive of responsibility of the client. The cost of an endorsement in a local folder has a cost that goes from $30,000 + IVA, following the type of page and volume of information.


Person in charge does not become before the following events:

  • You cut of Suministro Electrical, caused by the electrical companies.
  • Earthquakes, that they prevent to give an optimal or complete service.
  • Fires in our dependencies other people's to our responsibility.
  • You cut of National or International connections provided by companies suppliers of Internet.
  • Badly Use of the access accounts, WEBSEO Obliga to its clients by security to have an endorsement of all the information who maintain in our servers.
  • Hackeo of Websites, by evil use of the permissions in folders or any other event.
  • Delay of the client in the change of DNS for the activation of the service from WEBSEO.
  • Lost of E-mails, when the Administration of DNS is on the part of client, or of another Internet service provider.
  • In case WEBSEO changes a domain with Shared Hosting to another Servant.
  • Lost of Website, by fault in hard disks of Shared Hosting, (It is responsibility of the Client to maintain an endorsement of the Website). The use of the service is under its own risk. WEBSEO is not responsible for the archives and data that reside in their account. You commit yourself to assume the total responsibility of the archives and transferred data and to maintain all the appropriate backup copies of archives and data stored in the WEBSEO servers.
  • Delay in Traspaso of the DNS of the Company previous to our Company.
  • Robberies to our facilities.


7,2 Endorsement of the information:

It is obligation of the CLIENT to take all the measures necessary to protect his information suitably, lowering periodically endorsements of the same.
WEBSEO.CL does not take responsibility by the loss of information of the website or accounts of post office caused by technical problems imputable to the systems of communication and hackeos, data transmission or external manipulation of the information that maintains in the service of hosting contracted. At any moment it is responsibility of the client to count on an endorsement of the information placed in his site.
For all the legal effects it is left it express certainty that the service that lends WEBSEO.CL is not a service of defense of content nor of the information lodged in its servers, reason why some in the event of loss of this content or information does not fit responsibility to him.

7,3 Responsibility client:

It is responsibility of the CLIENT the definition and establishment of the levels of protection and defense of the data by means of the use of keys or passwords, establishment of profiles of access security, which are infused in their applications, to which the WEBSEO.CL personnel does not have access. The computer equipment is tools for the data processing that by their nature are subject to possible faults, or by own operation or in its programs. Therefore the CLIENT will have to take the usual preventive measures in the computer activity to maintain endorsed all their information, as well as to count on the necessary comfort for the execution of his processes. The CLIENT will be direct and exclusively responsible for the efficiency of the personnel who operates its technological infrastructure.

The CLIENT is the person in charge to maintain a backup copy of all the content that raises or generates in Internet, for which WEBSEO.CL makes their available the alternative automatically to lower backups (endorsements of information) daily to their computer from their Control Panel, denominated Plesk in which the CLIENT must lower his backups by means of protocol FTP or basic console of data, according to is the case. The user will make sure to maintain updated all scripts installed in his account of hosting with the most recent version of the same, to avoid vulnerabilities and/or intrusions in the servant.


WEBSEO acts as representative of a domain at the time of buying it through nic.cl or name.com. The property of this domain is exclusive of the CLIENT. This information is public. Therefore, WEBSEO recommends their clients to buy or the domains by their own means.


WEBSEO gives in all plans, the HOSTING or WEB HOSTING, free for 1 year. This year, begins from the moment at which the page register in the registries of WEBSEO and not at the time of being raised the Web. After the year, the client will have to cancel an annual renovation by concept of Hosting and the access to the administrator of contents. If the CLIENT does not fulfill the payment of this renovation, the page WILL BE SUSPENDED.


WEBSEO would communicate to their subscribers two weeks before the date of renovation through e-mail. It is to have of the CLIENT to inform opportunely if it does not wish to follow with the service. Also it is obligation of the CLIENT to generate his backup copy of archives and data bases associated to his Web.
Of not cancelling in the terms that WEBSEO communicates their clients, the webpage dara of loss and the archives would take off that are in our servers. For replacement of archives, this it has a value of $80,000 in which it must be cancelled to WEBSEO and to indicate domain to activate.


WEBSEO has the faculty of being able to suspend to any domain Web that sends Spam. It will be contacted with the client and measures will be indicated to him to follow to clean their equipment. Of not taking these indications, WEBSEO has absolute faculty to suspend the domain, until the client follows the instructions. If one becomes to incur the Spam shipment, WEBSEO will cancel the domain Web and will make delivery of backup more data base and will be eliminated of the service of lodging.


WEBSEO, will give access FTP and MYSQL to the CLIENT. It is for that reason that WEBSEO will not become person in charge of any damage caused in the website. The CLIENT AT THE TIME OF CONTRACTING OUR SERVICES ACCEPTS THIS CONDITION.

11. Eleventh - Development Web:

WEBSEO reserves the right to incorporate a mention of the developers of the webpage: €œWebsite Designed by WEBSEO€. This mention is included in the slope of the website and appears in all the developed sites and to develop by WEBSEO, or as independent or dependent companies among them.

12. Twelfth - Limit of Work:

WEBSEO reserves the right at any time to reject the development and design of a website, without warning and return of the money, when a website as nonviable project is considered, that is to say, that the quoted thing initially by WEBSEO is inferior to really given.

13. THIRTEENTH €“ I finish of Contract:

WEBSEO is authorized to delay the project in course temporarily, and including a to conclude this, if within a period of 15 working days communication does not exist, approach to him or the material delivery has simply not been carried out on the part of the CLIENT. Of being thus, the project will be delayed. With the consequence the page will not appear published in Internet, by the mentioned reasons previously. In case the CLIENT retakes the past project the 15 indicated days, this one will have to cancel a percentage corresponding to 30%, by a new period of 20 working days, in which the project had to be finished in conformity to the initial requirements. For effect of this, the CLIENT is in agreement with the stipulated thing and she is committed to carry out a responsible, professional and shared work, fulfilling the objectives with respect to the time decided the delivery of works. WEBSEO, will not have responsibility some by the content of the information that the CLIENT, places or makes reside in the site of the servers of Webseo, used by virtue of the present. Despite the previous thing, Webseo, will be able to put term, to the present service and at any time if in his opinion, the information put in its servant, by the client, letter against the effective law in Chile, the moral or moral convention, or affects third people.

14. The CLIENT

He accepts all the terms and conditions (previously expressed) at the time of quoting or contracting to any service Web in unu-biolac.com


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