Digital marketing

Publicity of acurdo to its needs. Social average, email marketing and publicity in facebook, google, to twitter, youtube, waze.

Publicity in facebook

The publicity on Facebook help to that the companies fulfill their objectives. You can create announcements segmented for different public, determine the budget and measure the results in different devices.

Publicity in google

He allows that the clients see their company while they look for what offers other companies in Google. In addition, he will only receive himself to him when they click in his announcement to visit his website.

Email Marketing

The email marketing is a form direct and simple to accede to a high number of clients and simultaneously effective. We realise planned and grouped campaigns and actions. Execution of messages of chained way and measurement of results.

Social average

Specialists in the management of campaigns and social means strategies. We listen, we planned and we acted to reach your target and to increase your sales.

Publicity in twitter

We harness the presence of your company in Twitter. If your clients are in the network your brand also must be it. Our equipment manages to transmit the DNA of your brand through campaigns in twitter.

Publicity in youtube

It arrives at your clients communicates your message to the people adapted at the precise moment with the video announcements. All the businesses have a public in YouTube.

Publicity in waze

It promotes your company to the drivers who use waze. We realise a pursuit to achieve the success of the campaign and optimizes it periodically!

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