Publicity in twitter

Publicity in twitter

We harness the presence of your company in Twitter. If your clients are in the network your brand also must be it.

Publicity in twitter

We harness the presence of your company in Twitter. If your clients are in the network your brand also must be it. Our equipment manages to transmit the DNA of your brand through campaigns in twitter, we give you to know, to connect with clients and to foment the sales.

We write Tweets that triggers conversations with your followers and we cause that they maintain the interest. The followers can help you to extend the reach of your business, to foment the sales and to generate recommendations mouth mouth.

  • We create campaigns based on objectives.
  • We analyze the yield.
  • We arrive at the suitable people.

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Segmentation by language.

Direct to you to people who understand a language in particular.

Segmentation by sort.

It directs to your message to O-Men women.

Segmentation by interests.

It shows your campaign users with those interests that are aligned more with your business.

Segmentation by followers.

It segments the followers of excellent accounts to arrive at people who probably are interested in your content.

Segmentation by device.

It segments to the users on the basis of the specific device who use to accede to Twitter.

Segmentation by behavior.

It reaches hearings with clear intentions in Twitter on the basis of landlords of purchase and cost.

Segmentation by customized hearings.

The customized hearings use your own lists of CRM to arrive at specific groups in Twitter.

Segmentation by key words.

It at the appropriate time acts on the basis of signals of intention sending messages to users who have sent a Tweet or have interacted with a Tweet recently.

Geographic segmentation.

Connect to you with a global hearing or limit the reach from your campaign a country, region or even specific city.


It obtains to more clients interested in your products or services

We create campaigns in twitter to reach the objectives of your company.

Publicity in google/Search
We create campaigns based on objectives

The campaigns of Twitter Ads, cradles in objectives, are designed to help you to obtain results that motivate action and add value to your company. We create campaigns customized on the basis of different enterprise objectives, from directing traffic to your website to increasing the knowledge of your brand.

Publicity in google/Movable Devices
We analyze the yield.

We use a series of statistic tools to analyze, to extend the scale of your campaigns and to optimize them. We make a pursuit of your impressions, results and cost by result in relation to all different field targets.

Publicity in google/Network of display
It arrives at the suitable people.

Our powerful capacities of segmentation can help to direct you to you to people interested in your company. Whether you want to arrive at a group niche or to connect with a global hearing, we offer diverse options of segmentation to help you to connect with the suitable people.

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