Policies of use

Policies of use

Use generally of our services

Policies of use


Webseo, does not become person in charge before the following events:

  • Connectivity to intermittent Internet of the client.
  • You cut of Suministro Electrical caused by external vectors to Webseo.
  • Any phenomenon of the nature that it prevents to give an optimal or complete service.
  • Fire in our dependencies where our responsibility is excluded absolutely.
  • You cut of National or International connections provided by companies suppliers of Internet.
  • Robberies to our facilities.
  • Critical degradation or faults in the network, equipment and servers.
  • The dedicated servers are given with configuration common of endorsements in second disc of daily way and weekly, that is to say the endorsement is realised and to the following day it is replaced by one new one. In case the client by manipulation erases lodged endorsements or desconfigure the disc for this aim or she uses it of another form, Webseo will not have any responsibility by endorsements.



It is absolutely prohibited: Shipment Spam from our servers. The shipment of post office is limitless as long as it is used well mannered by the CLIENT, that is to say in his normal daily operations, nonSpam.

The service is monitored the 24 hours. and the verification of anyone of the practices or mentioned in clause 5ª, will authorize to Webseo to give advance term of the contract or to suspend in immediate form. The CLIENT commits himself to maintain free of virus his computer network, scripts, sites and any file lodged in the servers who can also generate Spam or any attempt of distribution of malicious software MALWARE.Asi is subject to any applicable rule by Webseo to protect the security of the clients. Webseo can among others modify the conditions on security when it considers advisable in the different rules from systems, as blockades CID.


WEBSEO is responsible by the good operation for the servant as long as the CLIENT, it at system level does not realise modifications operative or for software previously installed by WEBSEO. The CLIENT is responsible by all type for errors who derives in incorrect manipulation on the part of those who the CLIENT grants access to the servant. In these cases WEBSEO he will acquire the sum of $ 50,000 per hour for the correction of the problems derived from the evil use or errors on the part of the CLIENT.


The servers are tools for the data processing that by their nature is subject to faults; or in its own operation or its programs. Therefore, the CLIENT will have to take the preventive measures, usual in the computation activity and to worry to have the comfort and necessary endorsements to the execution about his processes. All work of lack ferocity is excluded on the contrary from the WEBSEO obligations that is not derived from the normal and ordinary use of its equipment, and, are imputable to fault or pain the CLIENT, accidents, faults of electrical energy, degradation of magnetic means, improper use of the equipment and, generally, by any act of God or forces major specifically, having presents the predicted thing in the preceding paragraphs. Consequently, all work, whatever its nature, that must be realised in reason or on the occasion of the facts or indicated causes in the previous paragraphs, will be matter of budget and collection to part of the value contracted by the service, being the CLIENT the person in charge by this payment.


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