They exist a great variety of types of exhibiting


We design for Fairs, exhibitions and conferences present the opportunity to their business of emphasizing through their brand in front of a great hearing. Exhibidores and Display can be an expensive exercise, reason why it is worth the pain to put in a good spectacle that emphasizes between the multitude and to give a positive impression.

As graphical designers, often they defy to us to work within the limits of a small space. The customized design of stands of exhibition, systems of visualization and graphs of wall allows us and to offer creative solutions that are of great in the impact, allow to transmit confidence and imagination, the values of the brand that impel their business.

It has more graphical, by all means. The exhibition projects also raise the nondespicable task to make the best possible use of the space available in the floor.

In addition to the design, we can manage all the aspects of the production, supervise the construction of stands of exhibition, simply organize the installation of interpretation panels or the provision of portable standards for a unique unexpected event.

Examples of solutions of graphical design of great format for exhibition and exhibition appear in the Portfolio section.

Dent exhibiting/display

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