emails marketing that obtains clients

emails marketing that obtains clients

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emails marketing that obtains clients

emails marketing that obtains clients

Content of the bulletin:First before home to write up, or code or content of marketing, it is to know what means. Pose this question to you: €œWhat message I want to transmit my clients€ For example:

We are on sale!
It discovers our supplies of today
We present new products for this season or campaign
We send new products
We will be in this fair/in the next event
We have new partners
The new features of the sector

Whatever message, you must know clearly what you mean before doing nothing. When you know it, you can begin to write up the content of the mail. Assure to you to use the tone adapted for your buying prototype€¦ and I know brief not to lose the interest of the client. The one will be the design of the mail that defines the exact length of the content, as we see more ahead.

Calls to the action (CTA):You already know what you want to tell the client, thinks now about what hope that do after reading it. For example, if you are going to announce your next event: it is so that the clients buy entrances, respond to the invitation or simply they share the news?The more clearly you have your objective, the more easy will be to obtain to you that the client does what you want. And you do not forget to indicate which is the landing page in which the buyer will be able to complete the action!

Subject of the mail: You have the content of the message and already know what you want that the client does: now it is called on to work to obtain that it opens the mail. The subject is the part of the most important of message and also brief text. Its function? To animate to the readers to open the mail while they describe his content.

Design of the bulletin: Since we have already commented, a bulletin must have a design of first. In order to begin it creates a basic group that you can reuse. It must include: your logo in the headed one, a footer with your information of contact, the bellboys of the social networks and, most important, a connection to cancel the subscription. It remembers that the design of the group, in addition to adapting to the message, must transmit your image name brand! It decides what color trowel, what headed and what sources you are going to use and I know coherent.

The body of the message will include the elements that already we have seen: the content and the button of call to the action. By all means, also you must add the best photos of your products to draw attention of the client and to invite to him to puncture.

Compatible with mobile: Another key factor that there is to consider: the clients who use movable devices. Assure you that the content of the mail adapts to the screen of a mobile phone! 


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