The perfect name for your new business

The perfect name for your new business

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The perfect name for your new business

The perfect name for your new business

It is not a so complicated task, in fact it is quite exciting because it allows you to throw to fly your imagination and to give to your business a personality that more ahead you will be able to be conceited before your objective public. We want to explain you why it is important that proportions a good name thought to him to your business and which are the factors that can help you to obtain it.

Why is important the name of your new business?

It is a quite obvious question, but beyond seeing it as the name that is going to have your new business, you must think about him as the letter of presentation of your brand. The importance of the name of your new business is in which with him you will emphasize among multitude and you will position yourself in the mind of the consumer. In addition it directly affects questions of branding, positioning SEO and generation of sales. It is a simple word or phrase that will open to you or closed doors.

How to choose the best name?

The ideas are going to you to arrive from blow and from any place. It can see something of your competition, listening your objective market, talking with friends or simply while you walk by the streets and you see the surroundings which your business. In fact, we are sure that will arrive a little while in that you have enough ideas and you do not know what to do with them.

It is why we want to you to share 5 tips so that you can define the most viable options for the name of your new business and later you put them on approval between your objective public.

Tip #1 - a name short Chooses and/or simple to pronounce

Although it is certain that there are successful brands with long names, the truth is that a short name has certain advantages. It considers that it is much more easy to remember, apart from which can fit perfectly in your announcements. If to this him extreme that their articulation is not complicated, you will have one formulates successful. Test search short words that they are related to your business or that perhaps, pleases to you and can have some type of meaning that endorses your decision. In fact, you can make your name with two short words.

Tip #2 €“ Czech the availability of the domain

Important: Speaking of new physical businesses and in line, it is necessary that they are present in line. When or you have the thought options of names, it is moment for looking for if the domains are available and they do not have some type of restriction or reserved right. The subject of the domain is fundamental; it tries to find a name that can have a domain .cl or .com

Tip #3 €“ she in Google Looks for

It is important that to avoid that they confuse to you with another brand, you make a fast search in Google with the options that you have in mind. Czech if they already exist and if in some content related to your products the brand is mentioned.

Tip #4 €“ the registry of brands of your country Reviews

Following with the same line, we invited to you to consult the legislation of registry of brands and patents that is effective in your country. If the name that you like not is registered and you feel comfortable and trusting to use it, you do not doubt in taking control it. If a person is using a name without registry and you acquire it, you will be able to contact it and to ask to him that she stops making use of your brand. It remembers that this can happen to the inverse one, so the registry is very important.

Tip #5 €“ It thinks about your possible logos

Good reputation must go accompanied of a good logo. Although this it is another subject that more ahead we will try, thinks what options of symbols and images can accompany your name. This can help you to see if it agrees with the image that you want to project.

Tip #6 €“ Beam a market study

This it is the last passage before selecting the name that better agrees to you. Approach you your potential clients and samples your options to discover if some of the names gets to have some positive effect in them. Ask for his opinion to them and with base in these contributions, it enriches your selection.


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