Design mini Web sites

Design mini Web sites

We present your product or service, exclusive supplies, contests, promotions or simply marketing campaigns.

Design mini Web sites

We present your product or service. We develop mini sites that are a solution as organizational messages, exclusive supplies, contests, promotions or simply marketing campaigns.

Mini sites
Presentation of a new product or service, of a new brand that tries to make noise in the network and to begin to generate image and reminder name brand.

We look for
To generate a data base segmented of possible clients to interact and to communicate the product or service.

With the traditional publicity printed or TV, nontraditional publicity google or facebook we increased the traffic towards the Mini site to measure the results and of evaluating if the objective looked for by the brand were obtained.

To quote to design mini Web sites

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We do it easy.

We guided it in the process and we recommended the best options to him to achieve its objectives.

Results in the short term.

In less than a month already it will begin to see the results.

Continuous improvement.

We analyze his campaign constantly and we recommended changes to him to continue improving.

Clear goals.

We made sure that the success indicators are key in their business, identifying very well its objectives.

It improves your ROI.

Our complete system will generate major amount to him of clients by the investment that is at the moment realising.

In accordance with your business.

We design and we programmed mini sites special for his business, with the best practices to maximize the number of clients.

Digital consultant's office.

We study the business of our clients in depth to design and to implement effective and profitable strategies of Digital Marketing.

Average Digitalises.

Management, monitoring and optimization of plans of investment in Average Digitalises.

Customized design.

We make the design and the custom-made completely customized development.


What mini sites we can offer to you in webseo?

Design mini Web sites for your business. We offer an ample range of possibilities at the time of developing a marketing campaign.

Mini sites/Launchings

Campaigns have as purpose of announcing the launching of a new product or service and which is their functions, advantages and benefits. We look for to create one first positive impression.

Mini sites/Expectation

We look for to create a sensation of uncertainty or intrigue of the product or service. This can be a risky campaign since it can motivate to the competition to imitate the product.

Mini sites/Reactivation

Used to maintain the positioning in the market before the competition, or in extraordinary situations diminution in the sales or the visibility of the product.

Mini sites/Interaction

They have as objective that the client interacts with the product. Knowing its typical and funcionabilidades.

Mini sites/Promotions

To present your clients a simple form the promotions that this realising your brand.

Mini sites/Contests

We use the technologies to increase to the participation of your clients allowing the interaction with your in time real brand.

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