Design Web Intranet

Design Web Intranet

The solution that its company requires, does not concern the required functionality, origin of data, servers, etc.

Design Web Intranet.

The solution that its company requires, does not concern the functionality required, origin of data, servers, etc. If after our evaluation we determined that he is feasible, will obtain a perfect integration with the existing systems.

Ease of use
Great emphasis in which the administration task so that it is simplest possible, since it is the only way to guarantee that the created system fulfills the objectives.

Systems Web or platforms that fulfill the standards of security anti hackeos and interferences.

The development is for cross-platform that allows that it is possible to be executed from any navigator.

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Maps or integration of Geo-location by device.


Gallery of photos of your products, services or portfolio. We make the intuitive and friendly gallery.

Apps Universal

We can do apps exclusive for smartphones or tables. When doing them universal we do them compatible for all the devices of a platform.


We will be in charge to do necessary so that app fast loading in any device and has an excellent performance.

Customized menu

We handle to different menus or forms to present the different sections from app. We do it custom-made.

Form of Contact

This one will be the direct means of contact with the users through app.

Shipment of Post office

He allows that the users make shipments of post office from you app and without leaving the same.

Notifications PUSH

Offer customized messages direct at the hand of the users. You can automate or leave programmed through a portal Web.

Customized design

We make the design and the custom-made completely customized development of apps.


What Intranet we can offer to you in webseo?

Intranet/extranet for your business. We offer an ample range of possibilities at the time of developing to an Intranet/extranet.

Intranet/Extranet for companies
Intranet/Extranet for companies

Promotional estranet can help the companies to occur to know between potential clients and fidelizar to the already existing ones. Also they are possible to be developed Intranet that facilitates the internal operation of the company.

Intranet/Apps for the tourism
Apps for the tourism

Thanks to the technology of geolocalizaci³n and increased reality, the tourists will be able to interact with the surroundings of the city through their telephones or tablets, turning their visit into an innovating experience.

Intranet/Video corporative games
Video corporative games

The video-games represent important quotas in the statistics of unloadings of applications. Through €œadvergaming€, its company can be introduced in this world and catch new clients.

Intranet/Apps for congresses
Apps for congresses

An application is a fundamental tool in the organization of an event or congress. The users can accede through their mobile to the schedules, know the rapporteurs, locate to the near enclosure and services, etc.

Catalogue/Store online
Catalogue/Store online

That your clients can accede of a form simple and from any place to see and to buy your products through its movable devices is a route to increase to the sales and the repercussion of your brand.

Intranet/Apps for smart cities
Apps for smart cities

To use the movable technologies to increase to the citizen participation in the development and the evolution of the city is nowadays a reality that allows the interaction of the citizens in real time.

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