Development of Real estate Portals

Development of Real estate Portals

To show your properties the world never was so easy. Catalogue of properties online simple to use,

Design and development of Real estate Portals

Design and development of real estate portals for runners of properties and individuals. A portal Web for runners of properties simple and easy to use, of such form that the visitor finds the properties that she looks for in a few steps and the salesmen can publish their properties.

In webseo we took more than one decade centered in the development of portals Web of self-managing properties giving the tools that allow him to publish their properties.

  • Design Web of great attractive line of vision.
  • Self-managing portal of properties.
  • The users publish their properties.
  • Finder of properties by commune, type, operation and price.
  • Development and design Web responsive.
  • Visual improvements of the design with technology jquery.
  • Administration online to size (to enter, to update the contents).
  • Form of contact directed to the email of its company.
  • We position its website in the first positions of Google.
  • Service of Web Hosting according to its needs.

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Administrative panel Comfortable and easy to use.

He verifies the easy thing that its information is load or to administer his contents online.

Intuitive interface

It administers, it updates and it publishes the content and much more with back-office powerful and easy to use.

Data analysis

Obt©n an instantaneous vision of your business thanks to unique statistics and analyses.

Design of self-managing webpages responsive

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