Web Hosting

Solutions of acurdo to its needs in hosting, vps, dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers

All the power of our dedicated servers explodes. It enjoys the total control and freedom of your own servant.

Semi-dedicated servers

It is the ideal solution for great or small businesses that need much power and resources of hardware for their projects.


VPS, the intermediate step between hosting and a dedicated servant: freedom to form to size, independence and autonomy.

Web hosting to reseller

Our plans to reseller are the form simplest to offer to their clients lodging Web in Internet.

Corporative Web hosting

Hosting is the product more asked for by our clients. Therefore, our greater obsession is to obtain a trustworthy and fast product.

Web hosting company

Designed Hosting to respond to the most demanding needs, leaving to the complexity administration in our hands.

Hosting SME

Space Web and email addresses under its name of domain to be able to initiate a presence in quality Internet and thus to be able to publish its webpage.

Audio Streaming

We have developed an Audio service of streaming which allows him that their auditors listen to it through Internet. Our trajectory and experience, have allowed to develop an integral platform us.

Streaming Video

Transmission of events or live television channel via Internet, with best existing technology HD.

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