Ecommerce the used terms more

Ecommerce the used terms more

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Ecommerce the used terms more

Ecommerce the used terms more

1.Alojamiento Web: In English, Web hosting, is the service that provides to the users with Internet a system to be able to store information, images, video, data base or any accessible content via Web.

2.Big dates: Systems able to handle great data sets, reason why it is possible to analyze great amounts of information, as for example all the analytical one of ecommerce.

3.Back office (Motor):It is the part of the software of electronic commerce that allows the retailers to administer, to operate and to manage the stores online. They are the internal and automatic processes of management.

4.Cache: It is a component that stores data so that the future requirements to those data can be served more quickly. They are temporary generally data.

Left 5.Carrito: We call left cart to the fact that a user who is sailing by our store online, has added a product to the cart and he has gone away of the Web without finishing the purchase.

6. CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM, PPC: They are terms that talk about to the methods that are used to measure the costs of an advertising campaign in Internet.

CPA: It is the cost by action, by means of which one is not pleased when click in the announcement becomes but when something is made more: to buy, to subscribe to something, to unload software or what it has been indicated.

CPC: It is the cost by click, which is pleased by each access to a page after to have clicked in a publicity.

CPI: It is cost by impression, something similar to CPM (in which one is pleased by each thousand impressions).

CPM: It is the cost by thousand impressions of an announcement.

PPC: It is payment by click, just like CPC (cost by click), although usually use them those that buy publicity, since those that sell the publicity use plus the other term.

7.Cuenta of commerce: He is a type of account that allows the transactions with credit cards online. Generally it is an account with a processor of payments that allows to process payments online ex: Webpay Extra.

8.Ergonom­aGraphical and organizational adaptation of a website to optimize the navigation and the facility of handling of the internauts.

9. Front office (Interface): It is the part of a software system that interacts directly with the user, are the processes that directly are related to the client.

10.Inboud & Outbound links: In: It is a link that it connects to a webpage with another one. They are internal liaisons of a webpage that aim at other sections of the Web. Out: They are the salient connections of a webpage, those that aim at another external site.

11.KPI: Of the English Key Indicators Performance, or Clave de Desempe±o Indicators, they measure the level of the performance of a process, the statistics indicating the yield of the processes, so that the determined objective can be reached.

12. Logistic: All that with the storage, distribution and delivery of the products that are commercialized.

13. M-Commerce: Known as movable commerce, it takes his bases e-commerce, only that taking all the transactions concerning power to be executed from a mobile phone.

14. Multi-channel: One is the possibility of selling using different channels (online, mobile phones, branches, etc.), so that it allows a combination of all.

15. MultistoreWhen two stores online connected to the same are had back office.

16. Footbridge of payment: It is the tool in charge to process the collection and payment of the product, his main objective is that it is realised of fast way, simple and safe for the user.

17. Keywords: Words or expressions allowing the indexing of a webpage by a finder.

18.Responsivo: One is a design adaptive Web that a different page based on the device shows and the characteristics of the same from which it is opened. He is vitally important for m-commerce.

19.SEO: (Search-Engine-Optimization) Process to improve the visibility of a webpage in the different finders from organic way, that is to say, without paying to the finder by the privileged positions. Unloading the module of SEO developed by PrestaShop that is in charge to increase your productivity automatically!

20. Rate of conversion: It is the indicator of reference to translate the turn out of a website and to measure the reach of the objectives. In e-commerce one calculates dividing the number of buyers by the number of total visits.

21.Tr¡fico: One talks about to the number of visits and the activity of these in a concrete webpage.

22. UI & UX: User interface or the user interface: He is that one and so the user will be in his arrival to the site, everything what allows a user to interact with the system: this includes logical components (software) and physicists (hardware). User Experience or the experience of the user: The term talks about to which a user experiments when sailing by a Web or when interacting with an application and to how to optimize it to secure the best results.


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