Ten steps to create the best campaigns of mail

Ten steps to create the best campaigns of mail

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Ten steps to create the best campaigns of mail

Ten steps to create the best campaigns of mail

First of all: forget to you of that they say that the mail campaigns do not have future and are in frank decay. The campaigns badly raised and badly designed only are led the failure. You knew that the 10% of the transactions of e-commerce they are obtained thanks to the shipment of post office? It does not matter what bandage: if you want to be successful in Internet, you must know and understand kindness of the mailing. Immediate and analyzable simplicity, rapidity, results€¦ with so many advantages, the good campaigns of mail are far from disappearing. With these ten tricks, you will guess right safe.

The objective Is the base of all your campaign. It begins verifying the quality of your data base: it verifies that the directions have been obtained legally, that are misspelling no and which they appear the name and the last names of the adressee. It rejects by system the bought data and data bases€¦ collected without permission. Not only he is illegal, she is that nobody Lee a mail that does not want to receive!
After this first stage, begins the definition of the objective. It segments the data base based on the type of contact: new contact, active client, old client€¦ You are not going to send a welcome message to him to an old client nor to give a reward to which nothing has bought you!
It seems evident, no? Then 51% of the people whom they cancel subscriptions do it because they receive post office that do not adapt to their profile. It learns to know your clients, their desires, their passions and their needs. A good data base is synonymous of satisfaction of the clients.

Adaptable post office
We are in 2015, the future already is here. Your contacts use the telephone more and more to read the mail. Return Path calculates that 50% of the post office open in the mobile€¦ a not at all despicable proportion.

For that reason you must assure to you that the messages are seen correctly in any device of pocket. Yes, we are speaking of €œadaptable design€.
An adaptable mail must be neither too long nor too complex. If your adressee must lose three minutes happening pages and forcing the view to read tiny or very long texts€¦ you can be sure that he will cancel his subscription.

These are our advice to create good adaptable post office:
- It simplifies the post office by means of adaptable blocks
- It eliminates the superfluous elements as unnecessary soundings or adornments
- It personalizes the menus
- It avoids to juxtapose texts and images: place them one behind another one
- It designs legible texts
- You do not try that they are a copy of the versions for writing-desk

An attractive subject
You have everything what you need so that your campaign of mail is a success€¦ but the reader not yet has opened the message. In order to animate to him to do it, there is nothing as a suggestive subject. It is the key factor of opening and, therefore, of the effectiveness of your campaign.

The subject must be brief, attractive and concise. I know original! The differentiation and relevance are essential: it avoids the too generic terms (for example: €œfree€, €œit wins€, €œpromotion€, €œenters already€, etc.).

Another key point before the opening: the pre-headed one. It must summarize the essential in a phrase.
It places the typical one €œIf you do not see this message correctly, you click here€ later since it will be first that the reader sees in the previous view of his tray of mail.


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