How to choose the lodging adapted for your store online

How to choose the lodging adapted for your store online

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How to choose the lodging adapted for your store online

How to choose the lodging adapted for your store online

You are going to open a store online? One of the first things about which you must think is what type of lodging you want. You have two options: to use our version with Cloud lodging or a servant. We are going to review everything what you must consider at the time of selecting a supplier of lodging for your site of e-commerce. It explains the key points to us of the lodging. It continues reading and it decides which is the best alternative for your store.
Three main types of lodgings exist: shared, VPS and dedicated.

Shared lodging
As it suggests its name, you will share lodging with other websites. It can be the economic option€¦ but it has its disadvantages. Most important it is than, the shared being, the amount of traffic that can receive your in a while concrete store is limited. He is magnificent to begin, but delays to receive much traffic, it is not for you. What happens when you arrive at the limit? The majority of the suppliers reduces (or they slow down) the speed at which your site is loaded.

Another disadvantage: the fact that another one of the sites that share your lodging needs many data repel in the yield of your Web.

VPS Hosting
Hosting VPS the main difference between the lodging in a virtual servant deprived (VPS) and the shared one is that first it has exclusive resources for your website. Joint parties lodging with other sites, but each has its own assigned resources. And that means? That you control the maintenance and the yield of your store. In addition, the traffic of the other websites does not affect to you.

Dedicated lodging
She is one of the best options of lodging. Your site lodges in an individual servant so you have total control as much on your site as on the servant. He is more expensive than the VPS, but only payments the space and the functions that you need.
It is not necessary to forget that to control your own servant you can need specialists in YOU dedicated to the maintenance. Calm, it does not pass anything: the majority of the dedicated lodgings offers alternatives €œwithout management€ or €œmanaged€. This service is useful for which the syntax of that concrete operating system not necessarily understands the concepts on systems management€¦ but.

Independent of the type of lodging that you choose, it verifies these five points:
All the computers have a CPU (unit of central processing) in charge to process the data. And that is a supplier of lodging but a network of computers with great capacity of storage? That means that the CPU of your supplier will determine the speed of processing of your website. The internauts want rapidity, so your lodging must have a powerful CPU.
The RAM term (ram) makes reference to the kept temporary data in the servant. RAM is €œthe alive€ part of the system. It is used to store data that there are to process or to that there is to accede immediately. He is the intermediary who receives the instructions of a commando (click) and he says to him to the CPU what there is to process. With a RAM slow until the fastest CPU it will go as a turtle! To have good a RAM is essential if you want to work comfortably with your store and that your clients do not become bored to wait for while they sail by your Web.
The storage memory is the amount of data that can be kept in your lodging. In the case of a store online, those data can be software PrestaShop, the data of orders and clients or even the photos of products. (To install software PrestaShop requires 23 Megabyte of memory).
The access to the archives (E/S) measures the speed at which the archives are processed. The subject by defect of PrestaShop is based on the technology of groups SMARTY: groups HTML keep as archives and are compiled when it is necessary, so that the necessary processing based on the user is reduced. The group adapts to the configuration of your store and with our edition function you can modify colors and texts. The capacity of your lodging to show the subject of your store depends on the fast thing that assembles the archives.
The speed of access to the network is the speed at which the data are transferred from the servant to the computer of the client. The lodging servant processes the data and soon he is sent them to the user (you or your client)€¦ reason why the speed of shipment is essential. Without a good speed of access to the network, your site will be loaded very slowly. Not only you will lose potential clients, also long time trying to enter your own site!


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