9 questions before home in e-commerce

9 questions before home in e-commerce

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9 questions before home in e-commerce

9 questions before home in e-commerce

What name I put domain to him?

The domain name influences in the amount of traffic that attracts a site. You can decide by a name inspired by key words related to your products, or on a name name brand (complemented with pages of much traffic). 

How I choose my supplier of lodging?

Three varieties of lodging exist: shared or exclusive. You are home and you have a reduced catalogue? Bet by a shared lodging to reduce costs. When your business grows, you will be able to happen to you to one exclusive one with more capacity (and speed). In order to make the decision, these factors ten in account: speed (times of load), service to the client, storage, domains and security.

What options of payment I must offer?

The payment is one of the most important elements of the purchase experience: he is essential that your clients feel like insurances at the time of paying. The recommendable thing to begin is the integrated solutions of payment that the people already know and in whom trust as Webpay Extra, Paypal, Servipag, Khipu. As you grow and you know your clients, you will be able to add more adapted options to his preferences.

What I do with the shipments and the logistics?

At the outset it is easy to give him to a personal touch to the packages and the shipments. But when increase and you will grow! €”, you must think about automating the inventory and the management of orders and shipments to save time and money. Many salesmen begin packing and sending their articles they themselves. Later€¦ they subcontract the logistics. DHL, Chile Exprees, Mail of Chile, etc€¦

How with himself that people visit my store online?

You have already created your store and everything is ready. Now, how you attract that famous €œtraffic€? It optimizes the content of your website for SEO and thinks about opening a blog and updating it regularly. You do not forget the social networks: they are perfect to learn more on your clients and to maintain the contact. It often renews the content of your site (it updates the product descriptions, it adds to new articles or categories and it emphasizes the most sold). If your business of e-commerce is alive and grows, your store online also must evolve! 

How with himself that the clients return?

He stops thinking as soon as you can sell and centers in how helping to you your clients. He creates a positive relation by means of a good service to the client and maintaining the contact with the users. If anybody is not happy, you do not ignore it: the words fly by Internet! 

How I manage the changes and the returns?

Your procedures of return and change say much of you. Confidence to your clients with a clear policy inspires that it indicates: what can be given back, how much it collects, where the returns and in what terms must go, the conditions to make changes.

What is a platform of e-commerce and how with himself one?

A platform of e-commerce is a software solution that allows you to create a store online. With Webseo ecommerce, you can have your own lodging or to lodge your store online in webseo, we created a design aptado for your business. 

If I need help, to whom I can contact?

Webseo has plans of maintenance and support to help to develop your business you online. 


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