4 actions SEO to close the 2015

4 actions SEO to close the 2015

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4 actions SEO to close the 2015

4 actions SEO to close the 2015

It adapts your site for movable devices.

If not yet you realise this change, we assured to you that you are losing positioning SEO, clients and sales. The movable traffic had an important growth during the 2015, and it is not surprise that is whereas clause that follows in increase all the 2016. In addition, so that your page obtains a better positioning Web in finders, it is necessary that you adapt it to smartphones and tablets, because the algorithm of Google penalizes to sites without movable version. It thinks about a design strategy responsive that manages to cover three important aspects for the clients and finders: accessibility, usability and time of load. dise±o_moviles

Return more social to you

If you continue thinking what to make to obtain positioning SEO you only require to implement technical actions, you must begin to consider that the relations with other people also work, and probably is what you it is necessary. To construct relations through social networks, thanks to the content creation, can be your ticket to position your page and until being considered the leader of a market niche, so it is moment of which you begin search information on the importance that has relational marketing to create relations not only with your clients, also with other leaders who have blogs and can share your content. While more containing you have as well and, these have a connection to your page, Google is going to consider that you are an important site for the market, positioning not only your contents, also the reputation of your brand. The technician has not been back, but now he is complemented with more social actions.

Content segmented by hearing

We already spoke to create relations and how the content can be the piece fundamental to be successful, but it is moment for knowing what type of content is the one that you need to create. Forget to you to have a strategy of contents with subjects that perhaps do not have importance before your clients; it is moment for being proactive and to generate content that although so is not demanded, helps to dissipate doubts that the client had perhaps not considered. The content works to develop needs and purchase action, so most recommendable it is to segment your market according to characteristics related to your page and later to offer contained that beforehand you know to him will be of its interest. 

Bet by the security of your site

The organic visibility of any site is set out to 2 situations of danger: Negative SEO and failed in the security of the servant. Anyone of the two completely affects the security of all your site and therefore, the positioning falls SEO of your page. When we spoke of negative SEO, we talked about to the activities that directly are related to the creation of backlinks. This can be generated by you or another ill-disposed user to who it does not please your brand to him. In order to avoid this, it controls of constant way the creation of backlinks and you do it of a more discreet way. If this one practice does not come from your site and you are undergoing an attack SEO, it is moment for putting all efforts in disappearing the majority of those connections.


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